Monday, 8 February 2010

4 February 2010 - Math games - Mattetivoli :)

15 January 2010 - Ski trip (I)

First days of snow in November

School begins to change as snow starts falling, slowly but surely.

Winter in Oslo

Temperatures in the Winter can reach -20º ... it's very beautiful, but very harsh.

9 October - Uteskole

2A painting Autumn colours

14 December - Christmas play

10 December - Nissemarsjen

1 December - Advent calender at school

17 November - Pinocchio at the National theatre

Another day out, this time for a theatre play downtown :)

6 November - Ice skating

This is one of the Winter activities the school provides for the students as part of the Uteskole (classes outside the school).

28 October - a day in an animal farm!

2B went to a farm to see sheep clipping (sau klipping), but also rabbits, goats, cows, and even the artificial insemination of a cow! :)

14 September - elections day

Elections last two days: Sunday and Monday. There were no classes on Monday because schools are used for voting, but children had to come to school for a day out in the nature - a normal thing here!

Meeting with the Norwegian National agency - SIU

On 15 and 16 October 2009 the Comenius assistants studying in Norway had a meeting with the Norwegian National agency, in Bergen (on the West coast).
19 students from 9 different countries gathered to hear and talk about the Comenius assistanship programm. For two days we gathered to ask questions, talk about difficulties and problems we meet and brainstorm on what could be better.
Also, both a former assistant and a host school director joined us to talk about their experience, hopes and expectations regarding Comenius assistantship and assistants.
There was also room for dinner and lunch together and so we could talk so more and get to know each other a little better.
At the same time we got to see a little more of Norway and it's beautiful landscape. Bergen is lovely :)

6 months later ...

A lot has happened since I began the assistanship at Voksen skole and since I last wrote here. Time goes by so fast, there are so many things happening at the same time, that it can be overwhelming and very time consuming.
These last 6 months have been totally amazing, although sometimes difficult. There are too many different things one must learn when one moves to another country. It's not just the language, it's a whole different culture, different schedules, different weather, different life styles ... you name it!
Still it is a unique experience, from which I have been learning so much.
The first three weeks at school I stayed with one second grade class. After that I got two more classes. Also second grade. I got the chance to works with more children and teachers. Also I participated in several courses, from Art to English and Math, Norwegian, Gymnastics, Religion and Social studies.
At first it was pretty complicated to understand what the teachers and children were saying and this required a lot of translation back and forth. If I had to explain something to the children it would require a mixture of sign language, English and a lot of frustration! These children have started learning English a year ago and most of the time wouldn't understand what I was trying to say.
Things changed, and with Norwegian classes and a lot of paying attention to what people say, I can now talk to the children in Norwegian and understand a lot of things. That alone definitely makes your life easier :)