Monday, 17 August 2009

Day 1

My first day at Voksen Skole was pretty nice!
Early in the morning I met the Rektor, as well as others teachers and students. After a small meeting with the her, she showed me around and presented me to other people who work at VS. I also got to know some parts of the building and some classrooms.
This is a Primary school with children aged from 6 to 13. Lovely cute little children, some of them with special needs.
I was very excited and looking forward for the school start and I absolutely enjoyed the experience. I was able to participate in one class (one of the classes I will be assisting) of 2nd graders. It's a class of 24 students, most norwegian, but there are also immigrant children.
At 12 pm there was a welcome ceremony for the 1st graders and their parents who are invited to watch their children's first class.
There are several things that for me were new (and awesome) about this school. First and foremost, the luxurious green surroundings and second there are no walls or huge fences "protecting" the school!! The children are very obedient and polite; the school has a "Zero tolerance for bullying, violence and racism" program; the children use different shoes inside and outside the classroom; they ate their lunch in the classroom. At the end of the class they tidy up the room and thank the teacher for the day, which in turn also thanks them.
Each child has their one locker outside the classroom and everything is so clean and tidy and organized!
In the teachers room, I met some of the teachers and was amazed but the multicultural environment, since some of us come from a few different countries. The room is pretty cozy, has a coffee and a tea machine and it's also where we get to have lunch at 11h30(yeah, 11h30!!).
Looking forward for the next days to come, when I'll get my schedule and get to learn more new people and things!!

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