Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Day 2

This morning I decided to take the T-bane (subway), to try out something new (well, which is pretty much what has been happening since I got here anyway and one of the amazing things of moving to a new place!). I did it also because: One, I wanted to know how long it takes to get to school using this public transportation in particular; two, because it arrived first (I would have to wait more than 20 minutes for the other 2 buses). The only problem was when I got out of the station: I could neither identify the place nor could I find a sign with the school or street I was looking for. So I decided to ask. The lady was very nice but couldn't understand me at first: simply because I was pronouncing it wrong (but I didn't realize that until she repeated the name of the school in Norwegian)! After she explained the best she could how I could get there, I moved on and tried to find my way. Still no signs or recognizable street names. Crossroad. Not so sure where I was and which path to follow. Go back. Go forth. Ask again: no results. Ask someone else: Bingo! It wasn't too hard, but it was enough to realize what it's like to be so near and yet so far of something lol
After 5 minutes or so I was there. And on time!!
The day went pretty smoothly.
A student gave me a flower :)
Two others came to chat with me during the recess. One of them said I'm good at Norwegian LOL I can hardly say my name! But I'm trying hard to catch up so I can talk to/understand them. That's what I find harder: to understand their questions and, of course, answer back.
I was able to be in three different classes. Today we started with English, then Norwegian and in the afternoon Arts. I was able to intervene a bit more and am getting more comfortable relating with the children. I also had the opportunity to work with E. (which needs special attention)a little closer. That went quite well, specially considering he doesn't adjust well to new things/people :)
Children are shy, but extremely nice to me and they always try to impress me when the other teachers tell them I speak English (some of them anyway). They always say something to show that they too know :D
They are hardworking, polite and obedient (of course they talk louder and play around if they can, but if you tell them no, they accept it). They help the teachers with the tasks and are very open-minded.
I have met new teachers as well and got my key, which was cool, as now I don't need to keep asking others to open the doors (some are locked all the time) for me :)
End of the day: I'm tired, but happy!

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