Friday, 21 August 2009

Day 4

I found out today that Thursday is a long day. We have more classes than in the other days of the week.
It was a tiring, but fun day! The children got to dance and see a video on Youtube with the famous Alexander Rybak. He is very popular amongst the children here. S., their teacher who I am assisting, knows this so I think it is a good thing that they get this kind of treat, since they are so hardworking!
F., who is one of our students and a one in a great deal of attention, gave me fruit (part of her lunch!). I accepted a plum because I didn't want to be rude or that she might think I was rejecting her or something. It was a beautiful and kind gesture, which I think shows how nice she is. She has some behavioral problems, but she's a good girl and very smart! She is great at Math! She likes to hold hands with me when we pick them up from the recess.
I love this class. These kids are very sweet.
I've noticed that at least two of them are left handed and am also starting to memorize which needs each one of them has. Some need to be reminded of the reading glasses, some need orientation during classes since they come from immigrant families and hence have more problems understanding Norwegian.
It was a long day!

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