Friday, 21 August 2009

Day 5

On Fridays the day starts with a Music class. The children learn and sing songs and can eventually dance too. They seem to like it, although some are shy and others just don't know enough Norwegian to sing along.
The rest of the day was spent out in the open. Today we had what in Norwegian is called Utskole, or "outdoor school". We are going to do this every two weeks on Fridays. Even during the Winter. We left the school and went through a sort of wood so that children could play freely. They also have "classes" (Math, for instance) although it is disguised as games. After the "class" we had lunch and after that they were free to run and climb trees and play whatever they liked. Before going back to school we played another Math game. They were very happy smiling, chating, running and playing. It was a great day too. It didn't rain and the sun was even shinning!
Several other pupils were there. The world seemed perfect. (If only every child could be as lucky as these ones...)
While the children played S. and I were talking about some cultural aspects of Norway which are important for me to know, as well as about the kids. She was their teacher last year so she knows them very well. One can tell she really cares for them.
In the morning, I got to take them to class all by myself! It went very well and I was very pleased that the children are so kind to me. They accept me and I even think they like me :D (they ask me to hold hands with them when we take them to the classroom after recess, give me flowers, food, try to talk to me in English, etc). It's really awesome to be treated like this when you are a stranger and all.
It was so much fun today!!

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